Hi, I'm Andrés Mejía-Posada and I'm awesome.


Ninja skills

I'm a professional Ruby on Rails developer.

I love doing it: it's fun!

I'm an assassin with the following technologies:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Javascript + jQuery
  • Other railities: Capistrano, Git and Github, RSpec, TextMate

Who I am

I'm based in Medellín, Colombia: The city of gangsters, street drugs, organized crime and amazing Rails developers.

I moved to Bordeaux, France: The city of great wines, smelly cheeses and amazing Rails developers.

Back to Medellín, Colombia.

On my free times, I'm also a guitar player, 4 ball juggler and recycled-milk-carton-wallet maker.

Clients love me

I wish I could Xerox 5 of you.

OK. I definitely want more Andy time.