Things I hate about the world: TV

Seriously, why do people watch TV? It’s something that’s utterly unexplainable to me. I mean, think of it as something that makes you stay seated in the same position during hours making you incapable of producing your own thoughts while vaguely exposed to someone else’s story and being constantly interrupted by unreal commercials showing fake happy people that just try to trick you into buying stuff you don’t need to supposedly sleep better or have a cleaner house or whiter teeth so you can be happier and work more hours in order to earn more money to buy some more stuff you don’t need. See the point?

So why people do it? Because it’s fucking easy. It’s even easier than just laying there looking at the ceiling. That way, at least you have to face your own thoughts. The problem is that when you watch TV you build nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not an opinion, nor an idea, nor a personality. Not even a memory. Can you remember what was interesting in that TV show you watched last week? Of course not.

I particularly hate people who turn on the TV because “the room is so silent”. Why don’t they just fucking sing?