My university has been hacked!

More precisely, the Computer Science Department of EAFIT University has been owned. My mate just showed me its webpage. And all you can see right now is this:


H-U-H? err, I mean, K-U-H? What happened here? Then my friend showed me this, the website of the IEEE Medellín subsection (click to enlarge):


Googling a little, I found out about who seem to be the responsibles, some dudes who call themselves the Kosova Unknown Hackers. Kosova? WTF? I don’t even know where that is. I think I’m going to found the CCCC and take revenge. The CCCC, you know? Colombian Cocaine Consumers Crackers. We are going to be bad and deface some third world country’s universities’ webpages!

I guess what I wanted to say is that I feel so insecure. Seriously, how come this happens? If this is the security of the Computer Science Department, I can’t image how secure is the site of the Bussiness Management Department.